Who am I?

Layne Marie Kingman

Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog in order to boost fashion inspiration, provide life advice, and to simply gift my readers with a smile.

Favorite Quote?

“Success is a science but fulfillment is an art.” -Julianne Hough

Favorite Color?

Periwinkle blue… not light blue… periwinkle.

Fashion Style?

Contemporary boho chic. Is comfortable a style though because it should be?!

What kinds of things make your laugh?

Those fifth grade inside jokes with your best friends.

What types of role models do you respect the most?

The ones who practice what they preach.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

To finish a chapstick without losing it first. (It’s the simple things in life)

A pet peeve of yours?

When you finished pumping gas and the screen tells you to “please wait..” only for it to say thank you. At least it has good manners.

Goals in life?

Be forever happy.

More about you?

Just a college girl drowning in her own debt trying to get by. I also take pictures of outfits in my spare time while binge watching Netflix shows and hoping that one day i’ll wake up and be gifted with a great singing voice. I don’t hold my breathe for that last part though.